Ali Xahangir

Ali is the founder director of amarstock and is extremely passionate about education and technology. He is an active financial market participant and loves to contribute to the complete ecosystem. He assumes the role of CEO and his job is to help the team get their job done. Ali drives the growth strategy and its execution through product innovation, product marketing and brand building. He is dedicated to building high performance teams and enjoys being actively involved in problem solving for business growth. He has been an active contributor in the evolution of Dhaka Stock Market.

He lives in Dhaka with his wife Tanya, a beautiful daughter Meera and a son Xuhan.

Kawser Ahmed. Founder ExcelDemy. Technical Analysts. Excel Practitioners.

Kawser Ahmed

Khan Muhammad Kawser Ahmed (EEE, BUET) is an active investor in the stock market since the year 2007. From 2010 to 2013, he successfully trained people on stock investing and Forex trading via his training institute InvestoPower. Then in 2014, he founded SOFTEKO, a software com content marketing company. Under this brand, he is running where he publishes Excel tutorials and templates on Finance, Stock, Data Analysis, etc.

You can call him a fusion trader. At first, he thoroughly checks out the Macro-Economic Indicators, then he chooses the best Fundamental Stocks from the market based on some fundamental criteria, but for entry in a trade, he uses Technical Analysis.

He is now working as Training Co-ordinator for AmarStock. He runs the Advanced Technical Analysis course at Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd. from time to time. He is an enlisted external resource at DSE.

Kawser at Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited. Conducting Advanced Technical Analysis Course

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